19 Oct

1:200 Runway & Apron Display Plinth Set

Looking for an easy way to display your 1:200 scale civilian model aircraft in style? Why not build your own runway with our versatile runway and apron set. Download, print and build the perfect diorama for displaying your model aircraft in minutes!


Each section of runway and apron can be assembled as either a 6mm high plinth or you can use the top surface sheets on your own diorama base such as a sheet of plywood or MDF. The surfaces can be tiled in a number of ways allowing you to customise the runway to your own requirements. The runway surfaces are supplied with a pristine finish, allowing you to weather them as required to get the look you desire. (We recommend spraying the deck surface with clear matt vanish before applying weathering).

The pack comprises of no less than 7 different sheets:

We also have a set of Runway & Apron Display Plinths available for 1:400 scale models too.

Plinth Dimensions:

Each section is 190x255mm which can then be tiled to your requirements.

Fully compatible with all 1:200 scale aircraft kits & diecast models.

1:200 Scale Runway & Apron Set – £6.49