15 Feb

1:48 Vietnam Airbase & Revetments

Create your own 1:48 scale Vietnamese Airbase complete with Revetments in minutes using our download and print paper & card kit. This very realistic kit comes uses newly developed construction techniques that leave no visible cut card edges when complete for a very realistic finish. The kit also comes with realistically weathered concrete slab sheets that can be tiled at random and easy to build revetments with alternative top sections. This download and print Adobe PDF file and is fully compatible with most colour laser and inkjet printers and once printed can be mounted on top of your own MDF, Mahogany, Ply, Balsa or Foam Board plinth.



6 differently-weathered tileable concrete bases making up to 293 by 657mm of base. Individual slabs can also be cut out and randomly arranged for an even more authentic look.)

1/48 scale 40-foot long by 12-foot high by 5 foot thick weathered steel and concrete revetment – make as many as you like. Can be positioned just like the real thing. real thing

This kit is designed to be printed onto 100gsm matt photo-quality inkjet paper for best results. Suitable 0.7mm to 1mm thick card will also be required to complete the assembly. We use recycled cereal packet for our prototypes with fantastic results. This 1:48 Display Plinth Surface is supplied as single sheet in Adobe PDF format. Just print and build as many as you need from a single download.

Fully compatible with all Airfix, Revell & Tamiya 1:48 scale aircraft kits.

1:48 Scale Vietnam Airbase & Revetments – £3.79