25 Oct

1:48 Large PSP (Marsden) Matting Display Plinths

PSP or Perforated Steel Plates were used for taxiways, hard-standing and runaways surface stabilization at airfields by Allied Air Forces during WWII and after. The prefabricated steel strips, once joined together form a very compact strip grid capable of withstanding the stresses and strains of even the largest aircraft.

PSP strips were often seen at the airfields and bases of RAF and USAAF units in Europe, MTO, CBI, Pacific and several other theatres.

Our 1:48 PSP Matting Plinths are suitable for displaying models up to 380mm long by 255mm wide. The plinth kit comes with two different designs of PSP matting (angled and square on) and can be assembled as either one large, or two smaller plinths. Each plinth is available as a download and print card kit that is fully compatible with most colour laser and inkjet printers. The plinths can be assembled in just a few minutes using nothing more than a little PVA glue, craft knife and some 200gsm white card. Alternatively, you can mount the top sheet on your own MDF, Ply, Balsa or Foam Board plinth.


Each plinth comes with a realistic weathered finish for added realism with minimal effort, although you can add further weathering if you wish. (We recommend spraying the deck surface with clear matt vanish before applying further weathering).

Two designs are included in this pack as follows:

We also have a set of Aircraft Carrier Deck Plinths available for 1:48 scale models too.

Plinth Dimensions:

Large 380mm x 255mm x 6mm approx,  Small 190mm x 255mm x 6mm approx. Note both sizes can be assembled from a single kit.

Fully compatible with all Airfix, Revell & Tamiya 1:48 scale aircraft kits.

1:48 Scale Large PSP (Marsden) Matting Display Plinths (contains 2 designs) – £3.49